Pallets and pop-up tearooms

The “Pallet Pavillion” on the site of the old Park Royal was opened today.  It’s another Gap Filler project, a venue for music or community events, or pretty much anything really.  It’s an amazing space, made almost entirely out of old packing pallets, complete with tables and chairs (made out of vege bins) and a pallet stage. It’s open-air, but the walls are high, and curve in interesting ways, so it kind of feels like being inside – quite a cosy space, really.
Pallet Pavillion
Pallet Pavillion
Pallet Pavillion
The main reason I was there, though, was because it was my friend Jan’s first outing in her new guise of a pop-up tearoom (she’s the blonde one on the right).
Popup Tearoom
I didn’t stay very long (just long enough to be Jan’s first paying customer, and to wish her well in her new venture) because I needed to get home by 1 pm, but first I wanted to have a wee walk through the CBD on my way to the bus exchange, because they’ve opened a few more areas up since I was last in town. I took hundreds of photos, of course, but I won’t bore you with them all, just a few points of interest.
Victoria Square is open now, and looks almost back to normal – if you ignore the cordon fencing in the background, that is:23 12 12 CBD
The view across the river to the Town Hall isn’t so pretty:23 12 12 CBD
For those of you who were at the Christchurch convention, you might remember our hangers-on dinner at the Oxford on Avon (that weird buffet place that turned off the lights before we’d finished eating). A parking place for demolition equipment is all that remains:23 12 12 CBD
Decorations from two Christmases ago on Colombo Street (plus a truck for carting demolition rubble):.
There’s so many buildings gone now you keep coming across unexpected views. This one is from the Gloucester Street bridge, from where you can now see the Cathedral:.
Talking of the Cathedral, they’ve opened up a walkway into the Square again, so I got to see it from a different angle:.
One for Lytteltonwitch – they’ve started demolishing the ANZ building:.
Kate Shepherd is still behind bars:23 12 12 CBD
but Punting on the Avon is back in business:23 12 12 CBD
Christmas decorations in the container mall:23 12 12 CBD
There was also a market on there, and this guy was doing a roaring trade in bagels and breadsticks:
23 12 12 CBD
I made it home in time to meet Jenny and Christian, who we’d arranged to go and see The Hobbit with.  I wasn’t all that sure about seeing it, after reading so many reviews, but it wasn’t as bad as I was dreading.  The first half drags on a bit, and the whole 3D 48 fps thing was horrible (3D gives me a headache anyway, and the 48 fps made everything way too real for a fantasy movie – very jarring.  Plus it made the fight scenes look totally chaotic – I had no idea what was going on for most of them.), but once the story got going it was quite fun.  Of course, it might help that it’s been quite a few years since I last read the book, so the departures from it weren’t as obvious as they could have been.

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  1. I’m hoping to see The Hobbit NOT in 3D. They usually offer you a choice here at the theaters. I cannot watch them. I get nauseous.
    I enjoyed your photos from your new camera. I too have an old SLR that I have taken some stunning photos with, and miss it. Though not the expense of developing the film I must say.
    But there are things my little Coolpix camera just won’t DO like that Konica does.
    I love to do close up work, and my little digital has limitations!
    Anyway, enjoy your camera. I’ll be curious to see how you get along with it. I’m rather intimidated by the full function digitals. They seem more complex than our old SLR’s eh?
    Keep us photographers posted!

    1. They give you the choice here too, but Christian’s a real film buff, so he wanted to see it in the latest technology. I suspect we all would have enjoyed it a lot more in 2D.
      I’m totally intimidated by all the functions of my new camera, but I reckon if I just start with it on automatic, and learn to use one function at a time, I’ll eventually figure it all out…. possibly… (I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out exactly what the histogram view is all about!)
      ^ ^

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