I just spent mumble mumble mumble dollars on a shiny new toy:
Those of you who know how much my little point & click camera has annoyed me over the years may be surprised to see the Sony label on the front of that beast, and indeed, that’s not the camera I went into the shop intending to buy.  But after talking to the very helpful and knowledgeable assistant for about an hour (!!!! on a busy shopping day a couple of days before Christmas – that’s what I call customer service! (it was in Paul’s Camera Shop, for Christchurch people – I’m happy to give them free advertising after today)) about different models and options, he sold me on the Sony.  Which I’m calling a Minolta, because Sony bought them out a few years back, so their DSLRs are basically just rebranded Minoltas, and to my old pre-digital photography geek brain Minolta is a proper camera brand 😉
For those who want to know such things, it’s a Sony Minolta α77, and the lenses are both Tamrons, a 17-50 mm (having to get used to the much shorter lenses of digital – my go-to lens on my old pre-D SLR was 35-70) and a 60 mm macro.  I may get a longer lens at some point, but I don’t know how much I’d use it (the long lens on my old camera hardly ever left my camera bag, except in Africa for wildlife stuff), and I was already splurging by adding the macro lens.
I ended up going a bit over my intended budget – not on the camera body, which was actually a bit cheaper than the one I had in mind, but because I added the extra lens, plus a few other accessories.  But I’ve now got a camera that will actually do what I want it to, and hopefully, with a bit of practice (it’s been a few years!) I’ll be able to start taking the kind of photos I want to again.  I used to be a not bad photographer with my old SLR – nowhere near professional level, but good enough that I was pleased with my photographs.  So ever since my old SLR was rendered obsolete by the disappearance of film I’ve been dreaming of owning one again.  And now I finally do.
Merry Christmas me!
(PS. No photos from the new camera yet sorry – its battery is still charging.)

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  1. Yea!!! I’ve got the new camera bug too, but I am staunchly resisting. I don’t have time to play with one and my old one is still perfectly good. Have fun and can’t wait to see pictures!!!

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