I'm on holiday!

Well, it’s the 22nd, and we’re still here.  And more importantly, I’m on holiday for the next 4 weeks! (Yes, I know I already took a 4-week holiday in April, but due to the weird way HR calculated my leave over the two jobs I’ve been doing, I’m still owed a tonne of leave).  We’re not planning on doing anything or going anywhere, just relaxing and making the most of a much-needed break.
Started the break on a high note last night with a bookcrossing Christmas party that turned into a not-bookcrossing Christmas party.  Bruce & co had told me they were already juggling two events so wouldn’t be able to make it, and I hadn’t heard from any of the other regulars (I’m not even sure if the Gwilks are still in Christchurch – Gwilk used to pass me as I was walking to work in the mornings, but I haven’t seen him for months), but I thought Rarsberry and Otakuu were coming, but mysteriously neither showed up (Rars had mentioned she was trying to figure out transport, so I assume that’s why she didn’t make it).  However, the non-bookcrossing part of the party (Harvestbird, Jenny, and their respective partners) did turn up, so it was still a most enjoyable evening – in fact, probably better than if everyone else had been there, because it was a small enough group that conversation flowed easily.
I don’t know if I’ll bother trying to organise a bookcrossing party next year, though.  I’m getting a bit tired of the paucity of RSVPs from the local group – it’s bad enough trying to organise meetups when I never know how many people to book a table for, much worse trying to organise parties.
Still, a great evening, the experimental vegetarian pizza worked (at least, it disappeared very fast, so I assume everyone enjoyed it), the house looked pretty, and the company was good.  And that’s all that matters really.
And now, I’m off to curl up in a corner with a book.

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