So cold!

It doesn’t help that the heating isn’t on at work yet (no idea why not – normally they turn it on at Easter and off again at Show Weekend, no matter the weather in between those dates (something to do with how much it costs to fire the system up for the first time when it’s been sitting idle, so that it’s more economic to just run it continuously than to switch it on and off in response to outside temperatures)) and our largish open-plan office is not adequately warmed by the illicit fan heater we’ve been taking turns to aim at our desks.  So we’re all sitting here bundled up in many many layers trying not to freeze (I went over to the FGW office to pick up my academic regalia this afternoon, because I’m helping out at graduation tomorrow, and I was very tempted to wear my gown for the rest of the day, just because it would provide another layer of warmth).
Also not helping was the fact that although it was dry when I left home this morning, it started raining just as I was half-way to work, at exactly the point of my walk where catching a bus would involve getting wetter standing in the rain waiting for a bus to arrive than just continuing to walk would.  I was at least wearing a rain coat, but my legs got damp enough that it was mid-morning before I felt properly dried out.  It’s looking deceptively dry out there again now, so what’s the bet it will start raining again when I’m about halfway home?

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