All of a sudden the season has changed from autumn-that’s-really-late-summer to autumn-that’s-really-early-winter.  So cold today!  We didn’t at least get the promised hailstorm, but there was an icy wind all day, and some miserable drizzle just as I was walking to work this morning.  Hard to believe just over a week ago I was walking on the beach contemplating whether it was warm enough to go swimming (yes, that was in Golden Bay, which is a bit warmer than Christchurch, but still…).  Really must get the chimney swept so I can start using the fire again – if this weather continues I’m going to need it!

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  1. Bloody freezing walking home tonight but got home just before it bucketed down. The Indian guy I work with was not well prepared for this weather as he has never experienced such cold. He has only been in NZ for three months.

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