Another contribution to the convention arrived today: a box of books from Sherlockfan in Wellington. She wanted to come to the convention, but couldn’t make it, so she sent some books to be released on her behalf instead. It was an interesting mix of books she sent:

I’m sure there’ll be something in amongst those to appeal to everyone!

There was one other book, which she’d received from another bookcrosser in an unreadable condition (there were about 30 pages missing), and passed on to me with the instruction that I should destroy it if I thought it was unbookcrossable. Unfortunately, I had to agree with her that it really wasn’t in a fit state to be released (as MrPloppy commented, “When there’s pages missing, it’s not a book any more, it’s just a collection of words”), so I wrote an RIP journal entry and threw the book in the bin. I hate the idea of throwing out a book, especially when it is a bookcrossing book, but there’s not a lot you can do when that many pages are missing ­čÖü

I forgot in my last journal entry to post the latest picture of my embroidery (it was only SitsWithAnAddingMachine’s comment that reminded me). I haven’t made a lot more progress, because I’ve been spending most of my time on convention stuff, but it’s getting there slowly:
[album 128913 knight8.JPG thumblink]

Currently reading: Buy Jupiter by Isaac Asimov and The Story of the British Museum by Marjorie Caygill

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