Posting Pohutukawa

Finally got round to posting off my ornament for the Bookcrossing Ornament Exchange today.  Or actually, two ornaments:
Yes, there is a bit of a theme there 😉  I got the felt pohutukawa flower ages ago when Mum was up and we were browsing the Ballantyne’s Christmas displays.  But then when I was in Wellington, I saw the cool kit-set wooden ornaments in their gift shop (you punch out the pieces and slot them together to make 3D shapes), and the pohutukawa seemed like a perfect companion to the one I’d already bought, so I decided to send both (along with a card explaining the connection between pohutukawa and Christmas*).  It’s always nice to find an ornament (or two!) that reflects NZ to send to people in other countries – and definitely a bonus to find something that does that without being a kiwi in a Santa hat!
* For you foreign types: Pohutukawa is a native plant with dark green leaves and bright red flowers that come into bloom around December.  So it’s often called “the Kiwi Christmas tree“.

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