Will the real Bob Smith please stand up

Spent today doing more work on that bibliography, mostly trying to establish whether authors with similar names are actually the same person.  A task not at all helped by the fact that every journal has their own house style for authors’ names, with the added complication of the odd misspelling.  So Bob Smith can be listed in the references as Bob Smith, B Smith, RT Smith, Robert Smith, Bob T Smith, B Snith, and just about any other combination you can think of.  So there was much Googling to try and establish whether the Bob Smith who wrote Paper A matched the RT Smith who wrote Paper B, and is there such a person as B Snith, or is he a typo?  Repeat for a few thousand names…
Combine that with a hot nor’westery day, and it’s no wonder I’ve got a headache tonight!

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  1. I had forgotten just how bad the nor’west could get and have been suffering with sinus problems. Thank god I have a ceiling fan in my house.Do you have time for a small road trip this weekend. I thought giraffe hunting in Rangoria unless you want to wait until after Christmas for road trips.

    1. I reckon I could squeeze in a roadtrip. Need to do some housework this morning, but otherwise I have no plans.
      Rangoria, or Diamond Harbour? (if you still have that She Chocolate voucher)

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