So very very hot

I’d forgotten just how hot it can get down here.  Such a hot day today – a high of 33 according to the Metservice (and they usually underestimate the temperature by a few degrees, because their recording station is near the river), and even now, at 7 pm, it’s over 31.  And it’s been slightly overcast, which makes it feel muggy (well, muggy for Central Otago, which is virtually a desert – anything over 0% humidity feels muggy here, in comparison to the normal dryness).
So of course we chose to go for a long walk right in the hottest part of the day.  Actually, it wasn’t that long – a couple of km at most – but the heat made it feel so much longer, and we were walking along a dusty track (and hadn’t thought to bring water with us, because we were just out for a short walk).  The reason for this insanity?  Mum took me, Lytteltonwitch, and brother and his family all out for lunch, and while we were talking over lunch (and building ramps with the menus to race toy cars over… but that’s another story…) LW was telling the boys about geocaching, so we decided to go out after lunch and find a couple of nearby caches so they could see for themselves what it’s about.  The other adults were sensible and went home, but LW, nephews and I headed off along a dirt road to Graveyard Gully (an old goldfields-era cemetery) to find the first cache, and then on from there another 500m along a narrow track round the hillside to find another one.  We had fun, and I think the boys enjoyed the expedition, especially as we successfully found both caches, but by the time we walked back to Graveyard Gully we were all exhausted, so rather than walk back into town I gave up and rang Mum and got her to come and pick us up.  She came armed with iceblocks (popsicles), to much praise from all 🙂
When we got back to Mum’s, the rest of the afternoon was dedicated to sitting in a shady part of the garden and reading.  Much more sensible way to spend a hot day!

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