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It’s after midnight, so once again I’m technically breaking my posting streak, but it’s been a busy day so I kind of forgot until now.  And now I’m really tired and would much rather just go to bed than post, but somehow I’ve got myself trapped into this “can’t break my streak of daily posts” mode, so of course I had to come and write something rather than go to bed.
So.  Good trip down, stopped in Fairlie to catch up with Marcie, beautifully clear skies so a fantastic view of Mt Cook/Aoraki from Pukaki, released a few books along the way and Lytteltonwitch found a couple of geocaches, tonne of traffic (everyone heading home from their holidays) and very hot, much excitement from nephews and niece when we arrived, dinner with mum, sister-in-law and kids (brother working), stayed up way too late talking, I’m going to bed now.
Good night!

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  1. Of course I stumbled at….’very hot’ … 🙂
    Geocaching. I rather enjoyed that hobby. Don’t have a GPS any more though. It’s a fun ‘game’ !

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