Like old times

It’s been a very long time since we had regular Bookcrossing meetups in Christchurch, what with one thing or another, but with Lytteltonwitch being back in town, we decided to give them another go.  So she emailed a few new members, plus some of the old-timers, and arranged a meetup for this morning.
And we actually had two people (besides the two of us 🙂 ) turn up!  Both newish members (well, one has been a member for a while, but is new to Christchurch), and both seemed keen to have regular meetups, so this could be the beginning of a revival for the Christchurch Bookcrossing group.
I released quite a few books (some to the new bookcrossers, and some to the book exchange shelf in the cafe):

and (of course) I picked up a book: The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide.
Nice to have meetups back 🙂

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