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I think Mum is having as much fun with my new patchwork/quilting obsession as I am – she keeps sending me little packages of fabric to feed my ever-growing stash.  Yesterday a parcel arrived from her via Trademe, with this fantastic selection:

None of the pieces are huge, but they don’t need to be for paper piecing, and those nice little patterns on the fabric are ideal.  (Plus I love the name of the trader: ThumpaCat Fabrics 🙂 )  Good find, Mum!

The builder was scheduled to come and fix the eaves on Tuesday, so of course didn’t actually turn up until yesterday.  But the work is finally done, the hole is gone, and the security light is back up.  All that remains to be done now is the painting (which I doubt will happen today, because it’s looking like it might rain), plus I need to get up on a ladder and adjust the lights so that they’re pointing in the right directions again.

It’s the 4th anniversary of the February earthquake this weekend, so Te Papa have launched a temporary exhibition about the earthquakes and their aftermath (there’s also an article about the exhibition in The Press today).  They’ve used quite a lot of material from our archive, which is exciting for our team, because the more exposure CEISMIC gets the better for our long-term funding prospects.  But exciting for me personally is that the curator mentioned to me that a few of my own photographs are included in the exhibition.  So I can now say my photography has been exhibited in our national museum 🙂
The exhibition is only running for a month, so I doubt I’ll get up to Wellington to see it, but Wellington people, make sure you drop by Te Papa and have a look!

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