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Or rather, vote for my team, who have been nominated in the 2012 Digital Humanities Awards  We’ve been nominated in the “Best DH project for public audiences” category, for our CEISMIC digital archive.
Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned CEISMIC on here, have I?  That’s where I’ve been working for the last couple of years, helping build a massive archive of material related to the Christchurch earthquakes – we’re trying to collect everything from people’s stories to government soil reports to news footage to historic images of demolished buildings to the tweets people sent.  It’s a fantastic job, building something that will be of immense value to future researchers, and really fascinating work, although sometimes it’s a bit depressing when I have to spend my days immersed in images of destruction – a bit hard to move on from memories of the earthquakes when you’re surrounded by them all day!  Anyway, check out and to see what we’ve been up to (QuakeStudies is the research arm of CEISMIC, and the area I spend most of my time working on).

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