Return of the witch

Guess who I had lunch with today? Yep, Lytteltonwitch. She’s finally returned from her wanderings and sufficiently over her jetlag, and I had the day off, so we arranged to meet in town for lunch, followed by a walk around town so she could get lost due to the lack of familiar landmarks.  After an odd encounter with a spider-obsessed bookseller (more fodder for my theory that Lytteltonwitch has a magic weird person attracting power – I only ever seem to meet the really weird ones when she’s around) we ended up in the Botanic Gardens, so decided we might as well walk back to my place (it’s “only” about 6 km :-))  It was stupidly hot though, so we gave up at Riccarton (ok, I gave up – Lytteltonwitch is about the only person I know who can totally out-walk me) and caught a bus the rest of the way.
Mum had been in Riccarton, so when she got back she had to catch up on all of Lytteltonwitch’s news too, and before we knew it it was evening, so a quick decision was made to zip up to the Chinese takeaways for some dinner and continue the conversation.
Great to have you back in the country, LW, but I am feeling seriously talked out now!!!

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