Back to work today (yesterday was Waitangi Day), to hundreds of emails, and struggling to get back up to speed with all the projects we’ve got on the go, but I’m sure by the end of the week it’ll feel like I was never away.  It did feel very good to be able to shut down my computer and go home at 5 pm, and know I didn’t have to squeeze in an hour or two of study in the evening!
To continue the theme of returning to normality, I went to my first Toastmasters meeting in forever this evening.  I even had a role, so I couldn’t ease back in to it gradually.  I was the Table Topics Master, which meant I had to come up with the topics for the impromptu speeches part of the evening.  I picked a nice easy theme (well, easy for me, anyway 🙂 ) – I printed out a whole load of random words on slips of paper, and the speakers had to pull three out of a hat (actually, it was a bag, but you get the idea) and use them to tell a story.  It worked really well, and everyone had lots of fun with it, so a good choice.

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