Celebratory tacos

Lytteltonwitch and I had planned on going out somewhere nice for dinner tonight to celebrate her new job.  Some might say we failed at that, given that we ended up eating from a food truck, but I reckon we had a lot more fun than we would have had in a fancy restaurant 🙂
Our plan had been that I’d meet her in town after work tonight, and then we’d walk over to Victoria Street and try out one of the many new restaurants over there.  But we only got as far as the Square, where we discovered a night market with all sorts of interesting looking food trucks, and our plan very rapidly changed to “lets just stay here and sample a few things”.  And then when the line dancing demonstration started up, we even had free entertainment (even if the bystanders who attempted to join in were much more entertaining than the experts).
I reckon this is why Lytteltonwitch and I are such good friends – we have a very similar sense of when it’s better to drop the plans and just go with what the world throws at you.  Sometimes life is much more fun that way!

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  1. It was a good night and having the food stalls in the Square on a Friday night is a great idea. The line dancers were so serious and I enjoyed watching the three men dancing even if two them didn’t know the steps.

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