A VIP Visitation

Big excitement at work today was a visit from the Mayor.  She’d been invited by one of our directors to learn more about the archive and what we’re doing, especially as we’ve been working with the City Council on a few projects.  Of course, as soon as senior management heard she was going to be on campus, there were a million other departments they wanted her to visit, but she still gave us nearly an hour before she got whisked away, so we were able to have a really good talk with her.  She was very enthusiastic about what we’re doing and promised to put in a good word for us with the right people, so definitely a successful visit.
I’ve met her a few times before, mainly at union events (she was a local Labour MP before she became Mayor), and I’ve always been very impressed by her.   She seems to be basically a nice person, and always seems to be genuinely interested in talking to you.  So unlike our previous Mayor…

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  1. She certainly seems to be doing a good and so far avoiding the attention of scurrilous journos. Hope it stays that way. Glad you found the visit worthwhile.

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