Pretty colours

It’s starting to get a little lighter in the mornings now, and the sun is usually just starting to come up as I leave the house in the mornings.  This morning as I was about to leave I noticed the sky was doing all sorts of pretty colours in the east, so I dashed back inside and grabbed my camera.  I didn’t have time to find anywhere better to stand than the back garden with the view obscured by washing lines and trees, nor to bother with a tripod or to fiddle round with camera settings, and I suspect I missed the best of it, but despite the rush I got one decent photo, plus a couple that were ok once I did a little tweaking of the brightness and contrast.

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  1. Yes, they are! This means that the days are beginning to get just a bit shorter in this part of the world. We’re having an unusual little cool spell right now, and I’m looking forward to my morning walk tomorrow.

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