My brother and SIL were in town again this weekend for another wedding, so they popped by yesterday morning to drop off some bits and pieces from Mum (mostly random kitchen items I’d been eyeing up from a pile she was clearing out last time I was down there – most exciting being a decent sized stock pot that I can use for bottling), plus a chilly bin full of venison and rabbit.  Some of it was in the form of back steaks, which are the most tender part of the deer, so I decided to try my hand at actually cooking one up as a steak (rather than the slow-cooked casserole which is my usual approach to wild meats).  Steak is something I’m yet to master the technique for (I know the theory, it’s just getting it to work properly that’s the problem – probably because I cook it so infrequently that I haven’t had much practice), but apart from it being a little black in places on the outside, it actually turned out pretty well.  Definitely wasn’t tough, which is the main thing. And I found a nice recipe for a boysenberry sauce to go over the top (actually, the recipe was supposed to be for a blackberry sauce, but who has blackberries just lying around?  I reckoned boysenberries were close enough…).  Add in a fancy roast potato and some salad, and dinner was definitely a cut above my usual Sunday night throw something together 🙂

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  1. Here in our area, we call that part of the deer back strap.
    My father used to hunt deer and you are right, it is the most choice cut.
    What a beautiful plateful of food you created!

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