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Now that the grey and horrible weather has ended (to be replaced by a nasty nor’wester that makes it too hot to move – we can’t win), I decided to make the most of a bit of sunshine to go for a walk with my camera this morning.  I only got as far as Jellie Park before the abovementioned wind kicked in and it started getting unpleasantly hot, but I did manage to take a few cool pictures, and even release a couple of books (although I don’t think bookcrossing and photography are really compatible – my camera’s heavy enough as it is, without adding books to the camera bag (maybe I should have shelled out the extra $50 for the back-pack style bag after all…)).
So without further ado, lots of pretty pictures:

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  1. Oh my dear… the little stand of daisies….
    This is the photography I miss. And that lone lavender spike? I have an old photo from a backpacking trip of a wildflower that reminds me of that. Oh now I miss my SLR so much! I always adored how you could blur out the background until it became a silent partner sort of, to your chosen object of attention.
    This is going to be great!

    1. It’s so wonderful having a camera where I can play with apertures and shutter speeds again – I’d almost forgotten how much fun it is!
      And the wonderful thing about DSLR compared to my old SLR is that I can take 300 photos to get the handful I actually like, without having to feel guilty about wasting film. Plus of course being able to play with cropping and stuff once I download them.
      They’re coming down in price all the time, so hopefully you’ll be able to indulge yourself soon.
      ^ ^

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