Rain, rain, go away

So much for autumn, we seem to have skipped straight to winter.  We’ve had three days now of gales, heavy rain, and the occasional flurry of sleet and hail.  Half the city is flooded, there’s trees down all over the place, and it’s generally cold and wet and miserable.  My garden is like a lake, I got soaked just walking from my house to the bus stop across the road, and of course the heating isn’t on at work yet, because it’s still only early autumn so they weren’t planning on firing up the boilers until Easter.  Oh yeah, and I’ve still got that leak in my roof.
But on a positive note, our team member Lucy-Jane who was lost up in the alps over the weekend got rescued yesterday, much to our relief.  Sounds like she spent a very cold and miserable couple of nights, but other than needing to catch up on some sleep is otherwise ok.  And it definitely puts spending the day in a cold office with slightly damp feet into perspective!
I gave my second official speech at Toastmasters last night (I’ve done lots of impromptu speeches and other minor stuff, but this is one that actually counts towards the certificate.  I really should have done it months ago, but various schedule changes and things meant it kept being put back), and it went fantastically well.  I spoke on the history of dictionaries – a potentially dry topic, but I livened it up with some of the more amusing definitions from Johnson’s dictionary (like “Sluberdegullion: A paltry, dirty, sorry wretch.” – Best. Insult. Evah. ;-))  It was very well received, and I got a great evaluation, so I’m feeling pretty happy with my efforts.

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  1. Raspberry posted a link on facebook to photos of the flooding,so I came here to see if you were ok, I hope you’re ok!

    1. It’s ok, the flooding in my area never got worse than a bit of surface flooding from inadequate stormwater drains – it didn’t reach the house. And the rain finally stopped late this afternoon, so things are starting to dry out a bit (though it will probably take a few days for the rivers to go down, so some areas will still be flooded for a while). So I’m fine 🙂

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