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So. The new Star Wars movie came out last week.  The film I’ve been waiting for forever (I’d almost say since 1983, except back then I was waiting for Episode I.  And yeah, we all know what happened there.)  And I didn’t go and see it.  Not because I was scared it wouldn’t be good (though there was a bit of that), but because Mum had told me she’d bought tickets for me and brother and family to go and see it together after Christmas, so I wasn’t to go and see it myself.
Sorry Mum, I tried, but too many people have seen it now, so the spoiler risk was getting way too high for comfort.  So tonight I defied parental instruction and went to the movies.  And it was good.  A bit of fan service, but not so much as to be annoying, the surprises were big and reasonably surprising (I guessed one of them was coming about 10 minutes before it happened, but I didn’t think I could be right, so in a way it was still a surprise – SO glad I managed to avoid the spoilers on that one though!!!), and the overall feel was… not exactly right, but right enough.  It feels disloyal to George Lucas to say so (and I was one of those die-hard fans who really really tried to see the good in Episodes I-III), but I think handing it over to Disney was the best move he could have made.  This may not be the movie he would have made, but it’s definitely a Star Wars movie.
There’s not much more I can say without spoiling it (though there’s so much more I WANT to say!!! That scene!  Where the thing happens!  And then that other thing!  And that guy who does the thing! And that place! And, and, and!), but I know I definitely want to see it again – and then go back to being a 14-year-old again and spend the rest of the night dissecting every detail with my little brother 🙂
(P.S. Today’s Ctrl-Alt-Del comic sums it up pretty well)
(P.P.S. It is stinking hot. It got to 35 degrees today, and even now, after 10 pm, it’s still 23. To think only a few days ago it was hailing!)

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  1. Now you can’t be grumpy at me for sneaky peaking at your Christmas quilting pics. And, pleased you enjoyed film and obviously won’t be too much of a trial to sit through again !

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