By the light of day

I had another look at the kestrel in daylight, and having let enough time pass for the frustration at not getting it to work right to subside, and I’m feeling a lot happier about it now. The misalignment isn’t nearly as bad as I’d thought, and (as a couple of you pointed out) hardly even noticeable if you don’t know it’s there.  Must learn to be less perfectionist! (yeah Mum, I know, I’m turning into Granny…)
Daylight produced a much better photo, too (funny that):

Last night was our club contest night for Toastmasters.  I hadn’t intended to enter (because I’d rather just enjoy the learning environment at the club than get competitive about it), but when I got there the contest chair was in a panic because there were so few entries that it was embarrassing (especially because the judges, invited from another club, were looking like outnumbering the contestants).  So after standing chatting with a couple of other non-contestants feeling increasingly guilty while Ellie kept casting pleading glances at us, I said to Ben, who I’d been talking to, “I’ll enter if you do”, and we both signed up for the evaluation contest (which doesn’t require a prepared speech – instead, the competition is on how well you evaluate (critique) someone else’s speech, which you hear for the first time on the night and then are given only 5 minutes to prepare a 2-3 minute speech saying what the speaker did well and how they could have improved it).   I probably should be put out that after me prompting him to sign up, Ben won third place, while I didn’t place at all, but he totally deserved it – his evaluation was really cleverly done (while mine was good, but not great – see above about lack of competitiveness).  I did get a certificate of participation, though 🙂  (and more importantly, relieved Ellie’s panic about not having enough contestants).

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