You might have noticed that things look a little bit different around here.  I’m still not completely happy with it – the background is just a random copyright-free one I downloaded, and the header image could still do with a bit of work, but for something thrown together over a couple of lunch hours, I reckon it’s ok.  (I just realised, I really should have taken a screenshot of the old design, for posterity, but too late now.)
I toyed with many different names for my blog re-branding, but in the end “The Cattery” sounded like the most likely place for a FutureCat to hang out in, so that’s what stuck.  It’s a terrible name in terms of Googlability, but I’ve never worried about that in the past, so why start now? 🙂
So, welcome to The Cattery.  The name may have changed, but it’ll still be the same random collection of posts about crafts, cats, books, travel, and life stuff.

Edited to add: The clever Discoverylover found a cached version of my old blog design and screenshotted it for me. So you can now do a proper before-and-after comparison:

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