Gardening, wind, and long strips of metal

In a shock move, I actually did some gardening this morning.  Well, sort of – I vaguely hacked at the weeds in the herb garden (does it still count as a herb garden if the only herb in it is the rosemary plant that went feral and took over the entire garden?) to clear a path so that I could get to the washing line without being attacked by anything.  But for me, that’s pretty hard-core gardening 🙂
It’s been another stinking hot day (Parsnips spent most of it lying in shady spots and complaining loudly at me every time I walked past – because obviously I have control over the weather and only made it hot to annoy her), and incredibly windy again this afternoon.  I heard a crash mid-afternoon, and discovered that the wind had peeled several metres of metal trim off the front of the garage roof (at least, I hope it’s just trim – if it has any sort of vital function holding down the edges of the roofing iron, I suppose I’ll find out soon…  But I’m definitely not planning on climbing up on the roof to reattach it until the wind dies down! (and I think it’s going to be a two-person job anyway))  On the plus side, the washing dried quickly!
At least it’s starting to cool down a bit now – the forecast is for thunder and hail tonight, and it looks like it’s starting to cloud over, so I suppose I’d better go and bring in the last of the washing.

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