In search of spring

It was a gorgeous sunny day yesterday (as it is again today), so I went for a long walk with my camera, looking for spring. I think I found it:


Part of my walk took me through the Staff Gardens at the university (where the earliest rhododendrons are just starting to bloom).  It’s quite a dense garden, with narrow paths between trees and tall bushes, so you never quite know who else is in the garden until you suddenly round a corner and bump into them.  Hearing voices but never seeing their owner isn’t uncommon either, as the winding paths take you within earshot but not sight. It’s also surrounded by student accommodation.  So when I heard what sounded like a rooster crowing, I assumed it was either some student’s alarm clock in an open window (it was nearly lunchtime by this point, but students…), or someone in the garden with a novelty ring-tone on their phone.
It was a bit of a surprise, then, to find the owner of the sound around the next bend:

I’ve got no idea what a rooster was doing wandering around a garden in the middle of suburbia (apart from having a wonderful time digging up grubs under the rhododendron bushes, that is).  But he seemed happy enough, so after pausing for a few photos I left him to it.

I wonder if he’s a friend of Yetzirah’s?

I did intend to spend today sewing, but so far I’ve spent way too much of it just sorting and editing photos!

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  1. Spring in Christchurch – how lovely and how happy making. Can’t help but smile when you see your photographs – superb !!

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