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I’m waiting for some files to process, so a quick chance for an update while I’ve got nothing better to do…

Thanks everyone for your kind words about my cousin.  A bit more detail has emerged about the crash, but they still seem not to completely know what happened.  At this stage it sounds like he’d already fallen off his bike before it hit the other vehicle.
Local newspaper report
I’m not sure whether I’ll make it to the funeral – I’d like to go down, but I don’t know yet when it will be – the family is waiting on the police to release his body, so it will probably all be organised in a rush once that happens.  Which means the chances of getting a flight are diminishing rapidly, and I really can’t afford another trip down to Central so soon after the last one.  I could catch a bus, which would be a lot cheaper, but it would mean taking at least three days off work, because it’s pretty much a full day’s travel each way.  Oh well, I’m sure my aunt and uncle will know I’m there in spirit if not in person.

I gave my first official Toastmasters speech last night, and got a good assessment for it – the assessor didn’t even think I looked nervous (good thing she couldn’t see inside my head!!!).  Everyone seemed to be entertained by it, too – it was about some of the adventures I had when travelling through Africa (I titled it “Stories my mother will never get to hear” ;-))
It’s funny, I’ve done quite a few impromptu speeches already (part of each meeting is a section they call “Table Topics”, where you’re given a subject and have to speak on it for 2-3 minutes), and was reasonably comfortable doing them, but doing a prepared speech was much more nerve-wracking – maybe because I had more time to think about everything that could go wrong 🙂  But the whole point of the group is to challenge yourself and get over the fear of speaking through practice, so I’m sure it will get better with time.  It’s inspiring too hearing the stories of the longer-term members, and seeing how far they’ve progressed over a year or two of membership.
Anyway, despite the nervousness, I’m kind of looking forward to giving my next speech in a few weeks’ time.  Maybe I should do this one on Bookcrossing?

As I was about to write in my previous entry, I’ve had quite a few catches from Queenstown – not bad considering I didn’t do all that much releasing.

One anonymous finder, and four new bookcrossers!  Plus of course the many controlled catches from other bookcrossers at the uncon.

In other bookcrossing news, I’ve finally booked my flights to Melbourne for the 2014 Anniversary Convention.  Very exciting – both the convention, and to go back to Melbourne – I haven’t been there for about 20 years.
After the convention I’ll be tagging along with Lytteltonwitch on a wee road trip to Adelaide.  She’s going there for a geocaching meetup, but my plan is to just spend a few days wandering around and exploring the city.
I had kind of hoped to add another leg to my trip and go home via Brisbane, so I could visit Jenny and Christian, but it worked out too horribly expensive – that week must be school holidays or something, because flights home from Brisbane were about twice the cost they normally are.  Oh well, it’s an excuse for another holiday later in the year… 🙂

And more planning for next year – I’ve enrolled for the next paper of my degree.  No idea how I’m going to have time to study, especially as I’m likely to be even busier at work next year than I am now, but I’m sure I’ll fit it in somehow – just means I’ll have to go back to not having any sort of life…
Ok, files have processed, so time to get back to work!

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  1. Shame you can’t make it to Brisbane. It is school holidays then, which made it expensive for us to go to Melbourne, so we are catching a train back, which should be an experience! It means we get a half day in Sydney though!

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