Made it!

Exactly one month ago, on 19 July, I spontaneously set myself a little challenge, to see if I could manage to post something to this blog every day for a month.  I (and my blog) had been suffering from the perpetual problem of either having lots going on in my life but no time to write about it, or having plenty of time, but nothing worth writing about.  So I decided I’d try and break that cycle: when I was busy, I’d make time to write something, even if it was short and unpolished, and when life was boring I’d find something interesting I could write about.  I didn’t announce the challenge (mainly because I didn’t entirely believe I’d be able to keep it up for a whole month), I just privately set to it.
And I did it.  I managed to write something every single day for 31 days (32 if you count today).  A lot of it was short, and some of it was pretty mundane stuff (yay for posts about the weather…), but there was a post every single day.  And if any of you have dropped dead of boredom, at least you’ve been polite enough not to mention it to me 🙂
So now that I’ve achieved my goal, what next?  Wonder if I can keep it going for another month?  Or even longer?  It’s worth a try…

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  1. I should take your challenge. I have had a rather full and … weird summer. Finding it hard to write about it too… It’s been fun reading you for all these 32 days though! 🙂

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