Hot again

Another stupidly hot day (although apparently it is a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday at least).  We’ve got all the windows open in the office (air conditioning? what’s that?) to very little effect, but at least we can take comfort from the fact that we’re cooler than the roofers we can see working on the building opposite, who are working out in the direct sun on the (steel, painted dark brown – I’m amazed their boots aren’t melting!) roof doing repairs.  That would not be a nice place to be working today.  And we did all escape the office at lunchtime to sit out on the lawn in the shade of a tree – that’s one of the advantages of the UC campus being out in the suburbs, we have the space to have lovely grounds.
I suspect I’ll be catching the bus home tonight though – last time I tried walking home in this sort of heat I almost gave myself heat-stroke.  I really should buy a hat…

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