So tempting

Tartankiwi has announced a “quilt-along” for a quilt she’s designed, and I’m so tempted to join in.  It’s an amazing design, featuring all sorts of paper-pieced birds, with loads of different options for the final layout.  And I really enjoyed doing the wee challenge with the butterflies, seeing how everyone interpreted the pattern differently.
But.  There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t join in.  For a start, it lasts until September, and I’m going to be kind of busy with study in the second semester, so unless I could somehow race ahead and have it finished before July, I’d have to drop out when term starts.  Plus, I’ve already got so many projects on the go – my experimental quilt, for a start (which I had planned on getting some more work done on today, but it’s been stinking hot (got up to 31 today!) so not exactly the weather for sitting at a sewing machine with vast amounts of fabric piled on your lap).  And that’s another thing – if I make this quilt it’s going to be huge – a proper full-sized quilt, not just a little lap quilt like the experimental quilt.  I’m not sure my quilting skills are quite up to something of that size yet.  But wouldn’t it be fantastic…
I need to make a decision soon if I’m going to take part, because I’ll have to buy the patterns and decide on a fabric to use for the background (I reckon I’ve got enough in my stash for the birds themselves, but Tartankiwi’s estimated the background’s going to need 6 or 7 metres of fabric, so I’ll definitely have to go and buy that specially (and that’s another consideration – this project isn’t going to be cheap to make!)).
Decisions, decisions…

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