Door tree

There’s a competition going on along our corridor to decorate your office door for Christmas. So our team have decided to go all-out to try and beat the College Office staff.  Phase one of our plan was Lucy-Jane zipping down to Lincraft at lunchtime yesterday to buy a length of calico and some dark green material.  Which I took home last night, and with the addition of some fabric from my stash, turned into a full-length Christmas Tree banner for our door (modelled here on one of the doors at home, which just happens to be exactly the same size as our office door):

(Yeah, the top branches are a bit wonky – the fabric was slippery and it was getting very late at night so I was tired and just trying to get it finished)
Phase 2 begins today – we’ve all brought in a selection of Christmas ornaments, and we’re going to spend our lunch break pinning them on to the tree.  There may also be fairy lights involved.
Over-competitive?  Us?  What makes you think that?

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