A day full of cake

Every few weeks at work someone in the office will declare it time for a cake run, and one of us will run down to the cafe for a selection of cakes and slices. Such a need arose this morning, so I duly undertook the cake run and we had a morning-tea break enhanced by much sugary goodness.  And then, after lunch, someone came down from upstairs and told us they had excess cake left over from their morning tea, and that we should come up and share it…  so there was afternoon tea cake as well as morning tea cake, and much rejoicing in the land or something.
And tonight I’m going to a meetup of the Christchurch Bloggers at C1 cafe, where there are sure to be many cakes on offer.  Somehow I don’t think I’ll be all that tempted – I’m definitely feeling cake overload at the moment!

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