It was inevitable

You guys know me.  You know what happens when a craft catches my attention: I spend some time learning the basic skills, maybe go to an introductory class, do a bit of internet research… and then jump straight into the most complex high-difficulty project imaginable, and try and work out how to do it from first principles.  So yeah, it shouldn’t surprise you that of all the ideas I had for Tartankiwi’s butterfly challenge, I’ve picked the one that involves me designing a pattern within a pattern from scratch (and using paper and pencil to do so, no less, because proper quilt-designing software is expensive, and anyway, I don’t have any ink in the printer, so I’d have to go to a mall and buy some, and I want to get started right NOW!).
Add in some inspiration from seeing this version of her butterfly in person at the meetup last night, and realising in the course of the conversation about it that I actually understand a lot more about how paper-piecing patterns are designed than I thought I did, and the result was that a little bit of sketching over breakfast turned into spending the entire morning plotting and planning (housework? what housework?), and I’ve now got a pattern all drawn out and ready to go, and almost a decision on what fabrics to use.

In the meantime, my lap quilt is still very much a work in progress.

Which I was going to work on this weekend… There may be some delay.

The Tartankiwi

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  1. Hoping your sewing table has good strong legs. One big persons Bernina sewing machine – looking for a home – will be delivered to you at the weekend. No excuses then for poor workmanship – instruction booklet included in delivery.
    further delivery info will be posted later in week !

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