Butterfly report

So it turns out that (as I kind of knew it would be) the pattern I designed is horribly complicated to sew.  Lots of tiny fiddly bits, and sections that need to be lined up (read: sewn and unpicked because it’s wrong and resewn and unpicked again…), with the added challenge that because it’s a butterfly, the two sides are symmetrical, which means if I mess something up I can’t just pretend that’s how I planned it to be, because it’ll be really obvious if the sides don’t match.  So progress has been a bit slow.  But I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out so far – it actually looks very close to what I had in mind when I started sketching.

Yep, the butterfly has a cat face on its wings.  In the description of the challenge, Tartankiwi said “make the pattern your own”, so what else did you expect?  Of course I was going to work a cat in there somehow! 🙂
Oh, and see those little fancy curves on the corners of the eyes?  They’re the bits that have been giving me all the trouble.  They seemed like such a good idea when I was designing it (though I knew they’d up the difficulty hugely), but there were many moments over the course of the weekend when a boring oval eye sounded like a perfectly acceptable compromise.  I’m glad I persevered though – even though it’s just a tiny detail, I think they look so much better that way.

The Tartankiwi

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    1. I’ve never done iris folding, but I think the principle is pretty similar. They definitely both use the idea of creating curves with straight lines.

  1. utterly amazeballs! I love it 😀 No way I’d have the patience…says the person turning her mini scraps into a quilt one 12 inch jigsaw square at a time…ahem… I digress, well done! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

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