Bunnies and books

Rabbit is a very pleasant meat to eat, but it smells disgusting while it’s cooking, especially when boiled.  Same goes for hare.  I’m currently cooking meatballs made from some hare mince my brother gave me, and even though I know they’ll taste fantastic once they’re done, I’m trying to avoid spending any time in the kitchen as they simmer away in their chilli-tomato sauce, because all I can smell in there is boiled rabbit (brings back memories of boiling up rabbits to feed the cat with when I was a kid – our cats never got jellymeat, not when there were hillsides crawling with rabbits out there to be shot!).  So I have retreated to the study, just making occasional forays into the kitchen to stir.
I made an exciting (re-)discovery today: I found a book voucher lurking in the depths of my desk.  I was given it months ago as a thank-you for some work I’d done for someone, but I was in the midst of essay writing at the time so had put it aside until I had time to think about such frivolous things as reading actual books, and had completely forgotten about it.  So at lunch time I went to the university bookshop and spent much time in contemplation of all the wonders it could purchase, eventually buying Emma Donoghue’s new book, Frog Music, and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.  Add those to the book which arrived from Lytteltonwitch at the weekend (another Emma Donoghue, Astray, which I’m really enjoying), and the book I splurged on in Scorpio’s the other day (Madd Addam, the last of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake trilogy), and I am feeling surrounded by riches of excellent books.
I need about a million more hours in the day to do all the reading and crafts and everything else I want to do!

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  1. Reading your post in the wrong order I must say there seems like the truly frivolous things you could be doing with your expiring holiday entitlements.
    Read, read FC! Read. Fits with the rabbit theme doesn’t it?

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