Time flies like a banana

This year is seriously racing past.  It’s the end of the academic year tomorrow, and already murmurs about Christmas parties are arising from various quarters – where did the year go???  I’m sure it was only a couple of weeks ago that I finished studying myself, but a whole semester has gone past since then!
In honour of the end of term, the College held a staff BBQ this afternoon.  It was held at the Staff Club, in the old Ilam Homestead, which is a beautiful setting.  The promised sunshine never arrived today, but despite the overcastness it was warm enough to be pleasant sitting out in the garden, and I got to chat with a few of the Linguistics post-grads, which is always interesting (they’re a very international bunch – I was one of only two New Zealanders in the Honours class this year (and from a linguist’s point of view, I don’t even count as a proper New Zealander, because I grew up in a very Scottish community, so my speech varies in significant ways from true NZ English), and the MA and PhD students are even more varied).  So not quite as boring as staff functions tend to be 🙂

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