Danger lurking under the eaves?

Got a call this morning from the builder that the insurance company have appointed.  They can’t start work on repairing the damaged eaves until they’ve been tested for asbestos.  Because of the age of the house, it’s very likely the material the eaves are made of (which looks kind of like thin concrete) is fibrolite, a board made from a mixture of cement and asbestos that was commonly used in NZ houses in the 1950s.  And if it is, health and safety rules say they have to have it professionally removed before they’re even allowed to touch the house (though it’s not a danger to me in the meantime, it’s just if they start cutting it and dust is flying around that it becomes dangerous).
So it could take longer to get the repair done than I thought.  The builder said he’d get someone to come and take a sample today, and they should have results by the end of the week.  Keep your fingers crossed it’s just nice innocent asbestos-free concrete!  (Although maybe finding fibrolite would be an advantage – might mean they’ll completely replace the entire eaves, not just patch up the hole… 🙂 )

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