As of today, I’ve managed to post daily for 200 consecutive days.  Sort of by accident.  When I started the exercise of writing daily, my aim was only to do so for a month, just to see if I could.  I seriously doubted I’d manage it (which was why I never actually announced my intention to do so), but I felt like I should do something to increase my post count at least slightly, seeing as posts had become so few and far between.  But to my surprise, I somehow got through the entire month without missing a day, and then it seemed only natural to keep on going a bit longer, although I had no particular aim in mind this time.  And then I got to that point where I couldn’t skip a day (to the point of leaping out of bed late at night to write a quick post when I realised I’d almost forgotten), because it seemed like a pity to break the streak when I’d kept it going for so long.  So here I am, at 200 days.  And having got this far, it’s even harder to decide at what point I’ve carried on for long enough that I’ve proved to myself I can manage to post regularly and can relax my regime a bit (this is how people get addicted to exercise, isn’t it?).
Of course, not all posts are created equal.  There’s definitely been some that have scraped the bottom of the barrel, resorting to talking about the weather or photos of cats.  But not every day contains something interesting enough to be worth writing about – some days inevitably are of the “got up, went to work, worked on the same stuff as yesterday, went home, made dinner, cleaned up, watched something mindless, went to bed” variety.  But I try and find something special in every day to make it worth writing about (actually, finding something special in every day seems like a pretty good philosophy in general 🙂 ).
So it may not have made for the most interesting reading, but I’ve (mostly) enjoyed the writing.  And I think I’ll try and keep going for just a little bit longer…  I know I’m going to have to break my streak eventually (especially when I start studying again and will barely have time to sleep, let alone write anything that isn’t course-related), but I’ve still got a few months of freedom, so might as well make the most of it…

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    1. Go for it! Just pick a small goal for a start and see what happens.
      Between us, we could revitalise DD again 😉

  1. I, for one, appreciate your committment. I don’t usually comment, but I read every post. Love this latest bird quilt project, btw. You and Yetzirah are the last two diaries I read from the old group. Enjoy reading about what you care to share about your lives. Thanks for that.

    1. Thanks! I don’t have any sort of hit counter set up, so I never know if anyone’s actually reading my blog. It’s great to know you’re reading and enjoying it!

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