Yes, it's a different quilt today

I’ve been kind of bouncing from project to project this week, I think because I’ve had all these things I’ve been waiting to get to work on, so I want to do all of them at once.
I started today thinking that I’d go and buy the fabric for my new project, but then I thought if I was going to the fabric shop, I really should buy the batting and backing fabric for the other two quilts while I was there.  Which meant I had to figure out how big they were going to be.  Which was easy for the bird quilt, because the top is done, but the flower garden quilt still needed its border added.  So I spent the day working on that instead.

When I laid everything out, I discovered I’d miscalculated the length of the border a bit (I’ve been pretty much making things up as I go along with this quilt), so there was a wee bit of unpicking involved to shorten it down to the proper length.  But I think it’s looking pretty good so far:

I still need to add another strip down the sides, but that’ll be the quilt top done.  So if I go and get the batting and backing fabric tomorrow, I’ll be able to start quilting it.  I want to quilt this one before I do the bird quilt, because I haven’t quilted a full-sized quilt before, only baby and lap quilts, so this is my practice run for the bird quilt (which I really really don’t want to ruin, after all the work it took!)
So that’s the plan for tomorrow. Possibly, if I don’t get distracted by something else again… 🙂

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