The Good and the Bad

Sometimes working at the university has its definite perks.  Like today when I got to go to a fascinating lecture being given by Alison Griffith of the Classics department on the history of writing, illustrated with objects from the Logie Collection, like Sumerian cuneiform tablets, Egyptian mummy wrappings, and Roman memorial stones.  Really interesting stuff, and because there were only about a dozen people at the talk, there was plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.
There are also some downsides to working at the university, of course.  Like the fact that our office overlooks the music school’s practice room, and Thursday is the day all the voice students have their lessons.  Which might not seem like a bad thing, but when it’s a warm enough afternoon that we (and they) have the windows open, and the third soprano of the day starts up on an hour of singing scales, it definitely starts to grate.

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