When I got home from Queenstown on Wednesday, Parsnips came running to the door to greet me, and wouldn’t leave my side for the rest of the day – I think she must have missed me.  No sign of Pushkin though.
I wasn’t too worried, because she loves the outdoors, and now that the weather is improving has been spending most of her time out exploring the garden.  But when she didn’t come in for dinner I was a little surprised, but not too worried.
The next day at work I checked with LJ, who was cat-sitting for me, and she said she hadn’t seen Pushkin since Friday night.  But again, I wasn’t greatly worried, because Pushkin’s always been a bit wary of strangers, so I expected her to keep her distance while LJ was around.
But I’ve been home for two days now, and there’s still no sign of her, so I’m definitely starting to worrry.  She’s microchipped, so if she gets taken in to a vet or the SPCA they should contact me, but if she’s been hit by a car and killed, then chances are if someone found her they’d just dispose of the body and not bother with a vet, in which case I’d never find out what happened.
I’m trying not to give up hope yet – apparently a week isn’t a long time for a cat to wander off for (none of my previous cats have been wanderers, so I don’t know), so she may yet just turn up.  I’ve printed off some flyers to distribute round the neighbours just in case she’s got herself locked in someone’s garage, so I’ll go for a walk tomorrow morning and drop a few in letterboxes.
I hope she’s ok, but I live on a very busy road, so it’s hard to stay hopeful 🙁

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  1. Dads cat used to wander a lot and was once gone for a whole 6 months before wandering home and demanding to be fed as if he had never been away! Hope your baby comes back soon.

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