Home again

Got home from Wellington last night, and almost immediately went back out again, to a games evening with Mrs Gwilk and mini-Gwilk – which was fun, but I’m feeling very very tired today.  And today has been taken up with those boring but necessary post-holiday activities like washing clothes and buying groceries.  Oh, and of course making release notes on books (which always takes so much longer than I expect) – I released 15 books in Wellington (yeah, not quite up to the 80-odd I’ve managed on some weekend trips, but good going compared to my recent efforts), plus labelled another 20 or so on the hostel’s bookshelf.  So yeah, I probably won’t be writing a full-on blog post today.  But I did write up vague notes as I went along over the past few days, so I promise I’ll type them up sometime in the next few days (yeah, where have you heard that before?)

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