Part of the rules of the Butterfly Challenge was that you hve to add a link to a photo or blog post about your entry to a “linky” on TartanKiwi’s original post, so that everyone can see each other’s entries.  As a result, I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my Catterfly post, all gratifyingly complimentary.  One commenter even paid me the compliment of asking whether she could pin it on Pinterest.  So I can now officially say that my blog is pinworthy 🙂
I was very tempted to break my streak of daily blog posts tonight.  Not because I couldn’t think of anything to write about, but because it’s so %$&@ cold in the study.  I’ve spent the evening coming up with a series of excuses why I had to stay sitting in front of the fire and not come through here to the computer.  And my tablet doesn’t really work for writing anything longer than a couple of sentences – it gets all confused when faced with large text fields, and ends up randomly shuffling around what I’ve written if I try to blog using it.  Maybe I need to get myself a laptop (or a heater – that might be the cheaper option…)
Parsnips has not been having a good evening.  I’m giving a speech at Toastmasters next week, so I’ve been practising it out loud (yet another advantage of living on your own 🙂 ).  Normally she just ignores my standing there talking to myself (just one of those weird things humans do), but this speech has a shouty bit in it.  And I keep forgetting she’s in the room, so I go ahead and do the shouty bit in a shouty voice.  And poor Parsnips keeps thinking I’m shouting at her, and is obviously completely confused as to what it is she’s doing wrong to get shouted at, so just runs and hides under the table and looks worried until I coax her back out.  At this rate she’ll be on kitty prozac before I’ve got my speech ready 🙁

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  1. I understand about cold parts of houses. My living room is like that most of the winter. I sort of let it lie fallow in the winter. ( Though I feel bad about it…) Do rooms have feelings?

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