So yesterday was kind of exciting

Just an ordinary day at work, until I checked my emails, and saw one from the Postgraduate Office which made me squeak with joy: “Congratulations! The examination of your Master’s thesis has now been completed and you have been awarded a grade of <<A+ grade>> for your thesis.”
Yep, I passed!  And passed spectacularly well!
Not a lot of work got done for the rest of the day (not helped by a few of my colleagues taking me out for a long lunch, which may have included a wee glass of wine 🙂 ), and I’m still in can’t-stop-smiling mode this morning.
You may now call me Master 🙂

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  1. All that work has paid off, well done Master (isn’t there a Mistress? especially on International Women’s Day? LOL)

    1. Yeah, gender neutrality hasn’t quite reached the realm of academic titles – we’re still all Bachelors and Masters, no matter our gender 🙂

  2. Wonderfully exciting day. Wonderful achievement. I’m envious of your ability to achieve such an honour AND with such a good mark. Will you be publishing your thesis? Maybe perhaps available through the U col publishing dept if there is such a thing. I’d be really interested to read it.

    1. It’ll be available in UC’s online research repository in a few weeks, so you’ll be able to read it there (or maybe briefly skim it – I suspect it’ll be pretty boring to anyone except linguists!)

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