Excuses, excuses

Yeah, I know, it’s been ages since I wrote anything.  Can I use as an excuse the fact that I’ve been really tired, AND that I have a medical excuse for being tired, so it’s not just laziness, honestly it’s not!
Ok, so the not writing a blog post thing has been just laziness, but I really do have a medical excuse for feeling tired – when I was at the doctor’s the other day I mentioned that I’d been feeling a bit run down, and asked him to check my iron levels, because I suspected they may be a bit low (which has happened from time to time in the past).  And lo and behold, a blood test revealed that not only was I a bit low on iron, I was seriously low (like, when I rang the nurse to get the results, she actually gasped when she saw the number sort of low).  And seriously low on haemoglobin too, which probably means I’ve been low on iron for a long time, meaning my poor body hasn’t had anything to make the haemoglobin out of.  So no wonder I was feeling a bit tired!
Anyway, because it’s so low, my doctor wants me to have some more tests just to make sure there’s not anything more serious going on than a combination of having a 40-something year old female body and being prone to low iron anyway (which is the most likely explanation, so I’m not feeling particularly concerned about other possibilities), but in the meantime I’ve got some nice iron supplements to take which should help a bit.
Of course, despite having felt no worse than a bit tired before I got the blood test, now that I’ve seen the numbers I’m suddenly noticing all the symptoms (dizzy spells, shortness of breath, headaches…) that previously I’d been dismissing as just imagination – is there such a thing as reverse hypochondria? 🙂  So as a result I’ve been feeling worse since going to the doctor than I did before…  Oh well, the iron tablets should hopefully start kicking in soon, and then you won’t recognise the new super-energetic FutureCat 🙂

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  1. At least it is only iron pills as those iron injections are horrible. Hopefully the pills will soon have you feeling better. Is iron the one that you absorb better if you have vitamin C with it.

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