Mum arrived last night for a week’s visit (I’ve only been inviting her to come up to Christchurch for about a year…).  I’ve got to be at work for most of the week (though I did manage to book a couple of days off), so I think we’ll both survive the visit with sanity intact 😉 (Of course, seeing as she reads this, I’m not exactly going to say otherwise, am I? :-p)  Anyway, while I’m working, she has plans of hitting the big city shops (yeah, I know Christchurch isn’t exactly bursting with exciting shops, but believe me, compared to Alexandra, it’s a shopping paradise!) – I got a text message mid-morning saying she’d managed to figure out how to catch the bus to Riccarton, so all seems to be going well.
Think we might have to find somewhere interesting to go out for dinner tonight…

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    1. Odd – there’s supposed to be a white background behind the text that covers up the books. What browser are you using? It’s displaying ok for me in Firefox (and I’ve just tested it in IE10 and Chrome and it’s ok there).

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