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Yesterday I took the day off so Mum and I could do some serious shopping.  Except neither of us is very good at serious shopping, so it quickly devolved into a bit of vague wandering around the shops deciding we didn’t actually want to buy anything anyway, interspersed with many many breaks for tea and cake.  Which really is the only way to survive serious shopping 😉  There were many bus trips too, as I tried to navigate us to all the places we wanted to visit with the minimum of walking (which was a bit of a challenge to me, to figure out the most efficient combination of buses to get to places I’d normally just walk to).
One of our many stops was at Hands, to pick up some more mosaic supplies so Mum could have a go (she’s been wanting to learn for ages, because she’s got a couple of big projects in mind, so I said I’d teach her what I learnt at the class the other day).  Once we got home, we spent a constructive couple of hours playing with tiles and glue, producing a couple of coasters (well, gluing the tiles on them, anyway – they’ve still got to be grouted etc, which has to wait a day or two).  I think Mum had plans of working on a couple more today.
Then, after getting distracted for way too long by “testing” the digital microscope (which was brilliant fun – even my totally non-geek mother was completely geeking out about it ;-)), and a very quick dinner, I invited her along to my Toastmasters meeting.  Luckily I wasn’t giving a speech, because having Mum watching me upped the nervousness quotient enormously – just having to stand up and report back on the evaluation I was doing for someone else was bad enough!  But I think she really enjoyed the meeting, and getting to meet some of the people I talk about (I know they were all really keen to meet her!)
So it was a very full day!  Loads of fun, even if I do feel more tired after my day off than if I’d been at work (although that may be more to do with my $%#@ neighbours turning on their car radio at high volume at some horrific hour this morning).

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  1. Jack’s Mother joined Toastmasters when she was about 76 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Do encourage your mother to have a go when she gets back home.

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