A wee guessing game

Mum bought a Christmas present for the kids today – a digital microscope. Seriously cool – we’ve just spent about an hour playing with it “testing it out to make sure it works ok” before she puts it away for Christmas, and it’s been so much fun.  We were pulling out everything we could find from the kitchen cupboards, and the garden, and around the house, oohing and ahing at how cool they looked under the microscope, and each trying to guess what the other had found to look at (we reckon it could make a fantastic party game!).
So, can you guess what these highly magnified objects are?

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    1. Sorry, your comment got bumped into the spam filter for some reason, so I’ve only just seen it.
      But yes, correct on both counts!

  1. Whatever the first two are they look quite revolting and I couldn’t begin to guess what they are. Wouldn’t want to eat either of them.

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