What’s making me smile right now:

  • A brisk walk home under a dark and threatening sky – I made it home without getting rained on, plus I’m feeling energised from the exercise.  And now the fire is roaring away and soon the house will be nice and warm.
  • I made a start on a big project at work that I’ve been putting off because I wasn’t sure where to start.  Once I finally dived in, though, it all became clear, so I managed to make some good progress, plus I now know exactly where to go from here.
  • The final paragraph of this post.  (Don’t cheat and skip to the end – you have to read the whole thing to fully get the impact.  And don’t forget to read the hover-text on the pictures!)
  • A cup of my favourite Japanese Lime tea, brewed in the gorgeous teapot Jenny gave me for my birthday.
  • The bunch of spring flowers (jonquils?  I can never remember the name, but they’re some sort of daffodilly-thing that smells good) that Mum bought last week haven’t wilted yet, and they’re still spreading their amazing smell through the house.  Apart from the longer days, I reckon the smell of spring flowers has got to be my favourite thing about spring.
  • Talking of longer days, it’s light enough in the evenings now that I can make it home before dark.  Walking in daylight is so much nicer!
  • Parsnips was sitting in the window watching for me when I got home.  She does it every night, so it’s not a particularly special event, but it still makes me smile every night when I see her there.
  • My shiny new TV.  The programmes on TV are just as boring as when I last watched them (way back in April when they switched to digital and my old TV stopped working), but it’s wonderful to be able to watch DVDs on a widescreen.  Plus it’s of the clever new variety that can talk to my tablet, so I can watch YouTube videos on it as well (there goes my bandwidth!).
  • I made a really nice apricot dish for pudding the other night, and there’s still enough left that I can have a bit tonight.

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