Still alive

Just very very busy.  I’ve got a month to go before my final project is due for my LING paper, and it’s absorbing almost every spare moment.  I am trying to stick to my rule of at least taking an afternoon off every weekend so I can catch up with friends or do something relaxing, but otherwise my weekends and almost every evening are spent in my office (it’s easier to study at work than at home – it makes it easier to access the shared class files, and there’s much fewer temptations to distraction :-)) working on my project.  It’s a pretty tiring pace to keep up, but only another month to go and I can relax for the summer.
Well, sort of.  Because, BIG EXCITING NEWS TIME!  I’ve been invited to transfer into the Masters programme next year!!!  Which means I’ll be spending all of next year (like, an entire 12 months) writing a thesis.  (While still working full time… eek!)  And I don’t actually have a topic yet, which means I’m going to be spending a big chunk of the summer doing a lot of reading while I figure out exactly what I’m going to be writing this thesis on.  I’ve got a vague idea, but it needs a lot of narrowing down before it’s an actual topic.  But yeah, putting that mild cause for anxiety on one side for a moment, the exciting bit is that I get to do a Masters!
It’s a long and complicated story as to exactly how this came about, but basically, they’re introducing a new MLING degree in Linguistics, which consists of three taught papers and a thesis.  And because I’ve already done the equivalent of the three papers (or will have, once I’ve finished the paper I’m working on now), I can transfer directly to the thesis part instead of finishing my Honours degree first. My current lecturer (who offered to be one of my thesis supervisors) said it’s not a pathway they’re likely to let many students take, so it’s very flattering that they think I’m capable of it.  I just hope I can live up to their expectations!
So yeah, summer isn’t quite going to be as relaxed as I’d planned, and next year is going to be seriously hard work.  But (in between panicking about whether I’ll cope) I’m so looking forward to it!

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  1. Delighted to read your good news. I’ve always thought you were/are a bright cookie and this just confirms it. Really pleased for you.
    Look forward to hearing what you decide your thesis will be on.
    Go girl!!!

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